We Do Not Know What We Would Do Without Them!

They treat us like a major client even though we are a small company. We have absolute confidence that we can call Net-Centrix on a moments notice, have our problem resolved and be back in business quickly. There are lots of IT companies out there, but the personal service, the responsiveness even after-hours, and their attention to detail, set Net-Centrix apart from the others.

Diane Siebold President
Installation Services of Illinois

Incredible Response Times and Excellent Customer Service!

Net-Centrix has incredible response times to any issue that impedes the workflow process. They often take the time to help us understand certain issues and how to avoid them in the future, but they also understand when it’s more important to just fix the problem – they take control of the issue and solve it. They are very knowledgeable in the IT field; they took ownership of our business specific programs and learned how to solve and avoid issues. They understand that small businesses do not have standard hours. They are reasonably priced and have excellent customer service!

Evonne Taylor President/CEO
Taylor Made Business Solutions

Net-Centrix Has Great Foresight In Solving Problems!

Net-Centrix has earned our trust by providing affordable scalability and incredible response times. Net-Centrix provides peace of mind when something goes wrong – it just gets fixed. Other IT firms over sell their services and wouldn’t take the time to understand how our practice runs. We have intricate software that our IT team needs to adapt to and NOT the other way around.

Rick Hiton President/CEO
Hiton and Associates

Net-Centrix Tailors Their Service To Our Needs

Net-Centrix has helped The Center for Addictive Problems develop and maintain a plan to keep our technology equipment and software in good working order and current within a realistic budget. They understand that we are not a high-tech company and work within our constraints while still delivering reliable services and support. They have quick response times and availability outside of business hours as needed as well as efficient use of on-site time. Net-Centrix is easy to work with, is able to tailor services to your needs, and is able to explain tech stuff in layman’s terms.

Margo Brooks Managing Director
Center for Addictive Problems

Net-Centrix gets the job done!

Our company and computer systems have been running like a well-oiled engine. That’s a huge benefit to us. Net-Centrix knows our network very well. They are responsive to our requests and are always available. They see a job through to the end. I realize there are many IT firms out there, but I can honestly say the professional manner in which they conduct business is key to their success!! I highly recommend Net-Centrix to any business owner who wants their IT systems to run smoothly.

Pat McGivern Vice President
Hiton and Associates