Managed Services vs. Hourly Billing
Managed Services is a catch phrase for monthly support contracts that include ongoing monitoring and maintenance for servers, computers and network systems. Net-Centrix does offer hourly billing for break/fix issues, however we specialize in Managed Services. This allows us to proactively monitor customer systems to ensure that potential problems are prevented before they result in downtime or lost productivity for employees.

With hourly billing, the business owner is actually paying twice - they are paying an hourly rate to an engineer to fix the problem and also paying for lost productivity, which is often the far greater expense. Also, a business owner has no way to budget for IT support costs - if everything runs smooth then costs will be low, but when problems arise, depending on the severity, the costs go up dramatically. This creates unpredictable cost cycles that can have a negative impact on cash-flow.

Managed Services create an Alignment of Goals for us and our customers - We both want the highest possible up-time and the best possible productivity for network systems. With Managed Services the customer pays to keep the network running at optimum performance and avoid costly downtime. When problems do occur, the customer can rest assured that the costs to resolve the issue will not exceed their budget.

Many small business owners don't like the idea of recurring monthly costs, however, in regards to the critical aspects of your business, it makes sense to invest in the processes that guarantee you the best returns.

Depending on the size of your network systems, Managed Services may be more affordable than you realize. You can get 24x7 monitoring of your critical network systems, unlimited phone and on-site support as well as guaranteed response times for 25% - 50% of the cost of a full time administrative assistant, depending on the size of your network.

For example, a company network of 10 PCs and 1 server would cost less than $800 per month for full Managed Services Technical Support. This would include daily monitoring, scheduled site visits as well as unlimited phone or unscheduled on-site support with guaranteed response times for critical issues. Regardless of the time spent on-site, the cost would never exceed the contracted amount.

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